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Today was definitely a snack day. Last day of my time on the road so should be the last of these…hopefully!! After a 13hr work day then 2 hrs on the road ending with a tow truck and stuck in a random hotel for dinner while my car was with AAA, I was happy that at least my body was still feeling good ūüôā



Day 12

Morning Drink-Coconut water

  • My fridge is FILLED with Amy and Brian Natural coconut water. And when I jump on theroad, I take a few of these with me and I’m good to go. Also, by far one of the best brands of coconut water I’ve had. I’m a fan of pulp so its even better!

Snack-sweet pepper w/spaghetti sauce

  • ¬†I just happened to have a bag of small sweet peppers and a jar filled with extra¬†spaghetti¬†sauce from dinner last week. This was actually addicting! I’d definitely say make extra of that sauce just so you can use it for veggie dip. mmmm good!.¬†

Snack-Thai curry nuts

  • Of course I always carry a few bags of Living Intentions Gone Nuts in my car. The Thai Curry flavor is one of my addictions. I could easily go through this bag in a minute! I especially love the added coconut with the cashews. Perfect bite to it.


  • Luckily when both my lights went out in my car (random!) and my boyfriend and I pulled off to an exit that looked¬†abandoned, a super sweet couple pulled over to see if they could help. Sadly, nothing could be done however, since we just happened to be close to the SFO airport they were on their way to their hotel nearby. They offered to have us follow them so we wouldn’t be stuck in murderers ally! We got to the hotel and their menu was filled with sandwiches and hamburgers and other fabulous things I wasn’t able to eat. So I chose the house salad with olive oil and lemon juice. Then it started raining and I was just happy to have shelter and something to eat.

Its days like this that make eating raw a bit more difficult that I had imagined!


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